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Technical program committee

Dr.Pingtang Zhao,The Institute of Automobile Engineering,China
Prof.Sun Liying,School of Electrical Engineering,Liaoning University of Technology,China
Prof.Huayu Qiu, Hangzhou Normal University
Prof.Jiankang Chen, Ningbo University
Prof.Sanchuan Zhang, Zhengzhou University
Prof.Tianjin Zhang, Hubei University
Prof.Yun Gao, Hubei University
Prof.Guodong Liu, Hebei University Of Technology
Prof.Lijuan Zheng, Yanshan University
Prof.Haoping Li, China Three Gorges University
Prof.Dewen Kong, Jilin University
Prof.Zhaohui Li, Changchun University Of Technology
Prof.Liping Bian, Taiyuan University Of Technology
Prof.Guangrui Liu, Zhengzhou University
Prof.Zifan Fang, China Three Gorges University
Prof. J. Carl, Portland Community College, United States
Assistant Prof. M.Â. Dias Azenha, University of Minho, Portugal
Dr. C.Y. Chee, Faculty of Engineering University of Malaya, Malaya
Prof.Dimei Chen, Wenzhou University
Prof.Xin Fu, Zhejiang University
Prof.Yongquan Han, Inner Mongolia University Of Technology
Prof.Tao Liu, Zhejiang University
Prof.Chengchun Tang, Hebei University Of Technology
Prof.Zhenhua Wang, Yanshan University
Prof.Xianyong Zhu, Jilin University
Prof.Jiangying Chen, Ningbo University
Prof.Shaoming Huang, Wenzhou University
Prof.Changtao Ji, Changchun University Of Technology
Prof.Wen Ma, Inner Mongolia University Of Technology
Prof.Naiqin Zhao, Tianjin University
Prof.Shu Cai, Tianjin University
Prof.Liqiao Wei, Taiyuan University Of Technology
Prof.Pengfei Zhang, Hangzhou Normal University

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: May 17, 2017
Notification: About 2 weeks after the submission
Registration: May 24, 2017
Conference Date: May 26-28, 2017

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