VISA Application

The Chinese Government issues different types of visas according to the purposes of the visitors. Foreigners wishing to travel to China should apply to the local Chinese embassy or consulate for a tourist visa (L). The Organizing Committee advises participants to make visa application at least one month ahead of time, and you can get the visa invitation letters for your applications from . 

When applying for a visa, You are required to answer certain questions and go through the following formalities: 1) providing a valid passport or any document in place of a passport; 2) filling in a visa application form and submitting up-to-date passport photos; 3) submitting the documents needed for visa application and documents which explain one's reason(s) for entering China. 

For further information, please consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and nearest Chinese Embassies. 

Some useful websites are listed below as well: 

Chinese Embassy in Australia 
Chinese Embassy in Austria 
Chinese Embassy in Belgium 
Chinese Embassy in Brazil 
Chinese Embassy in Canada
Chinese Embassy in Denmark
Chinese Embassy in France
Chinese Embassy in Germany
Chinese Embassy in India
Chinese Embassy in Italy
Chinese Embassy in Japan 
Chinese Embassy in Mexico
Chinese Embassy in New Zealand
Chinese Embassy in Norway
Chinese Embassy in Poland
Chinese Embassy in R.O.K. (the Republic of Korea)
Chinese Embassy in Russia 
Chinese Embassy in Singapore
Chinese Embassy in South Africa 
Chinese Embassy in Spain 
Chinese Embassy in Switzerland 
Chinese Embassy in Thailand 
Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom 
Chinese Embassy in the United States of America
Chinese Embassy in Ukraine

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